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“Policy may involve politics, but principle is principal.” 

Our Philosophy

Public Affairs Management and Community Development can be achieved when organizations are focused on delivering quality services through strategic planning and efficient service delivery. Community Development is also achieved when organizations are coordinating services with school districts, government and other non-profits, and are committed to public policy advocacy to create systemic change. We engage our clients to develop a mutually agreed upon focus of work and desired outcomes. We assess their strengths and limitations to develop intervention goals. We intervene and initiate actions to achieve organizational goals and facilitate transitions and endings. We evaluate to critically analyze, monitor and determine levels of success.

Our Services

Program Management
Community Advocacy

We guide our clients to effective program management techniques because organizations that apply knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to meet program requirements are far more successful than those without it, according to our research.

Community partnerships are important components to any public service organization or agency. We create strategic partnerships for our clients to further organizational goals. Public affairs require community engagement, it is for them for which we serve as informed conduits.

Public Policy Analysis

Communities rely on organizations to provide a powerful collective voice to influence government policies to realize a shared vision of a better future for all.  Public Policy Analysis is the tool by which we evaluate, problem solve and determine what that future will be. 

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