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About TNCG

Our Philosophy

Community Development can be achieved when organizations are focused on delivering quality services through strategic planning and efficient service delivery. Community Development is also achieved when organizations are coordinating services with school districts, government and other non-profits, and are committed to public policy advocacy to create systemic change. We engage our clients to develop a mutually agreed upon focus of work and desired outcomes. We assess their strengths and limitations to develop intervention goals. We intervene and initiate actions to achieve organizational goals and facilitate transitions and endings. We evaluate to critically analyze, monitor and determine levels of success.

Our Company

Founded in 2002 as a resource for public, private and non-profit institutions engaged in community building. Offering services to support non-profit management, governance training, program design, community advocacy and public policy analysis. We are the leaders in Public Affairs Management.

Our Vision

We believe community organization is the means by which people are brought together to address problematic social conditions. Our company is rooted in the reform tradition of professional social work and values such as self-determination, self-sufficiency and empowerment drives our vision of public affairs management and community development. 

Some problems are so complex that you have to be highly intelligent and well-informed just to be undecided about them.

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